Summer’s Here (Blink and You’ll Miss It!)

It’s been a while since I’ve updated this blog, and that makes me sad.  The reason is, simply, that I just haven’t had chance.  These last few weeks quite a bit of time has been taken up auditing our ‘Relay’ messaging system, something I have to do every two years to ensure we comply with data protection legislation.  A more pleasant occupation has been attending a number of Walsall Council’s summer  ‘Fun Days’ and for those of you who haven’t heard, we’re organising an open day here at Walsall Police Station on Sunday 23rd September; providing just five hours of informative entertainment is a larger task than you’d think!  Anyway with all that and the routine stuff I just haven’t had chance to post to this blog.

Speaking of fun days out, last Saturday I spent a very enjoyable day in the company of some colleagues at the Walsall Fire Station Open Day.  The weather was kind and the crowds came out to make the day busy and very worthwhile.  Walsall Police took along a public order van as an exhibit, but by far the most popular item was our ‘headless copper’, a life-size cardboard police officer with the head cut off, behind which visitors can stand to have their photo taken.  It was great to see so many local people enjoying themselves and engaging with the emergency services. 

Talking of summer (was I?), while in Walsall town centre the other day I noticed a billboard advertising West Mildand Police’s summer crime campaign.  Using the strapline “Don’t let thieves steal your summer”, the poster directs readers to a micro-website that has been set up as part of the main West Midlands Police site.  Split into four parts, the micro-site gives advice about drinking responsibly, keeping your home secure and your belongings safe, and some advice about tackling anti-social behaviour, including a reminder to consider others when you’re enjoying yourself outdoors.  There’s no need for me to repeat the advice here: you can follow the links to see the four sections for yourself.

But now it’s back to the grindstone with more arrangements for the Open Day.  Look out for more on that subject soon!

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